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Rico's Pillars of the American Dream

Pillar #1


Public Education

Education can make all dreams possible. It develops critical thinking, problem solving, life and job skills. It colors the way we engage the world and each other. It can permanently transform individuals, families, future generations, and communities. All children, regardless of their background or economic circumstances, deserve a high quality education. That’s why Rico is committed to making public education, pre-K through the university level, a signature priority.

Pillar #2



Rico understands what it’s like for a family to endure medical hardship. In 2011, Natalie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though they had high quality health insurance, some of the bills they paid were the size of a mortgage payment for some families. Thankfully, Natalie is now in remission. However, Rico and his family know that not everyone is so lucky. They know that some people don’t get the care they need, and that some people die because they can’t afford critical treatment. This is simply wrong and Rico will fight for healthcare for all, regardless of one’s ability to pay.

Pillar #3

Middle Class Jobs

Middle Class Jobs

Rico understands that we need a full range of jobs, from entry-level positions to high paying professional opportunities in order to fuel a growing economy. He supports incentives for large employers, and programs that support small businesses. He believes in developing our infrastructure so that Austin will remain an attractive place to live and work. Rico’s focus will be on developing middle class jobs with benefits so that families can save for their future, earn enough to buy a house, pay for college, care for aging parents, or open up a small business.